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Tetrix External Audits

This page contains information about all the external audits we have undergone. As we reach major milestones in development, after rounds of internal review and auditing, we reach out to third parties to verify our sanity, and double/triple check the work that we do.

These security audits are not guarantees of security in the projects they pertain to. They are additional checks from objective third parties to help bolster confidence in the security of intended functionality.

As always, if you find a bug or vulnerability in our code, please report it to security@tetrix.xyz.

Ongoing Security Retainer

Tetrix currently maintains an ongoing retainer contract with Trail of Bits to help with overall security coverage.

Bug Bounty Program

Tetrix currently has a private campaign on the HackerOne platform for bug bounties. We are currently underway to expand this program’s scope and availability post-V1 mobile app release to become public and the de-facto standard method for reporting found vulnerabilities within the Tetrix ecosystem.

Ongoing Security Audits

There are no current ongoing security audits.

Last update: 2022-07-27