Tetrix Docs

Register DApps

Introducing the DApp Store

Tetrix comes with a built-in DApp Store to help users quickly and easily find the most relevant, useful and trustworthy DApps built on the Ethereum network.

Figure 1: The DApp Store.

Registration itself is simple as we will see shortly. The DApp Store includes a ranking algorithm that sorts the DApps. To understand how a DApp becomes a “top” DApp we must understand how rank is determined.

Human Curation

The Terms and conditions state that DApps may be removed for:

  • Malicious code injection
  • Violation of Tetrix’ principles
  • Lack of usability (especially on mobile)
  • Vote manipulation


  • Apps must be Https secure
  • Apps must display a connect with Tetrix if the DApp offers wallet choices
  • Apps must display Open with Tetrix or Connect with Tetrix if the use arrives in another browser.
Last update: 2022-07-27