Tetrix Docs

Why Tetrix

We’ve built this site for developers to easily optimize their work and integrate it with the Tetrix Network.

Before we dig in, why should you be interested in Tetrix? To understand why Tetrix is widely anticipated and expected to be a blockchain choice, let us consider Tetrix unique value proposition.

Tetrix combines multiple functions on a single unified platform:

  1. a modular blockchain architecture design

  2. a wallet for handling multiple blockchain protocols

  3. a secure chat app using the p2p messaging protocol

Tetrix is designed with a privacy-first focus and an emphasis on modular design. While many end users will not necessarily understand the subtleties of the design, they will appreciate the seamless integration, the quality of the network and the consistency of the user experience across all of our native DApps.

Figure 1: The Web3 Browser

The blockchain community has long-desired a user-friendly and secure solution that would unify the front-end components of wallets, browser and secure distributed chat and ultimately welcome the masses to the world of distributed applications. The Tetrix network of projects includes the Wallet, Messenger, and Browser.

Tetrix is their solution.

We look forward to seeing your DApp in front of eager users in the Tetrix Network!


Last update: 2022-07-27