Tetrix Roadmap
Our Adventure
The Birth
The Birth
☑ Birth of the Tetrix Network
☑ TET V1 Token Creation (BEP-20)
☑ Onboarding of Core team, initial advisors, and partners.
☑ Initiate blockchain development
☑ Initiate Pitaka and Lobi development
☑ Initiate Funding campaign
☑ Tokenomics
Q1 - Year of the POCs
Year of the POCs
☑ Launch Pitaka, a non-custodial, multi-chain cryptowallet.
☑ Continued development for Lobi
☑ Jumpstart marketing campaign
☑ Initiate TET Talk webinars
☑ Grow following across social media platforms
☑ Continous onboarding of strategic partners
☑ UAE Freezone application
☑ Initial token sale
H1 - Launch Preparation
H1 - Launch Preparation
- Screening founder nodes
- Screening of initial projects for testnet
- TET Staking
- Monthly TET Talks
- Bounty programs for the Tetrix Network
- Initial listing with Tier-2 CEX
- Lobi.io crowdfunding and fundraising functionality
- Regulatory compliance in the Philippines.
H2 - Launch Preparation
H2 - Launch Preparation
- Tetrix Blockchain (Omnichain Testnet)
- $TET migration to Tetrix Network
- Series A Funding round
- Node application for decentralization
- Lobi.io additional functions
- NFT Platform integration
- Rewards platform integration
H1 - Final Countdown
H1 - Final Countdown
- Tetrix Blockchain (Modular consensus blockchain integration)
- Tetrix Development Blog for releases and updates
- Tetrix Ecosystem Growth
- Build projects with local partners
- Establish Tetrix Labs
- R&D Tetrix Pathway
- Increase network participation
- Project incubation shortlisting via launchpad
- Lead advocacy for blockchain and cryptocurrencies
- Grow userbase to a minimum of 200k for both Pitaka and Lobi
- Support local and charitable institutions
- Reach a minimum of 50 launchpad projects
- Increase network efficiency for new use cases
- Connect with 20+ existing Layer 1 networks
- Promote blockchain integration in the Philippines
- Connect and partner with the private and public sectors
- Initiate Tetrix DAO
- Initiate support for CBDCs