Tetrix Network Token

TET powers and incentivizes participation
in the Tetrix Network.

Using TET

TET is required to power application features and create an open source, decentralized economy. Dive deeper into each of the TET Use Cases below to learn more about how value flows throughout the network.

Network Incentivization


Create a framework and incentivization structure for people to deploy and use Tetrix nodes. TET is used to incentivize and reward network participants to run a node in order to ensure the app continues to work if all nodes in the Tetrix-hosted cluster are down.

$TET for Liquidity


Staking is an option where you can earn passively by locking your $TET for Exchange liquidity for a fixed period.

Modular Blockchain Operation


$TET as the governance token is required to run and operate the layer 1 modular blockchain network.

Stickers and NFT


The Sticker and NFT Market within Tetrix will allow anyone to create and sell their own designs to users all over the world, and begin using stickers within any Tetrix chat.

TET is be required to buy some stickers packs in the marketplace.

TET Talks


TET Talks will introduce financial literacy and advocacies. This enables the community to discuss the Tetrix Network's general plan and vote as stakeholders

DAO & Governance


A core part of the Tetrix Network Token is giving stakeholders the ability to choose the direction that the software is developed. TET is used to make decisions on proposals, which can be made by any Stakeholder. For each decision, the token is cloned into a separate decision token. The amount of tokens you hold at that time becomes your voting power for that decision and it does not cost TET to vote.

DApp Participation


$TET for participation in DApps built on top of the Tetrix network or any of the interoperable networks.


• Tetrix Marketplace

• Tetrixverse

• Rewards Platform

• Others

Why buy this early?


When you buy this early, you will be able to purchase TET for a huge discount, which in return could grant you the ability to be ahead of everyone in staking, node operations, and participating in-network activities, as any other project tokens sold might appreciate at a price as mass adoption takes place and sell TET to new participants who might want to enter the ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Research

Tetrix Community Contributors from around the world conduct research on models for TET use cases to inform product and feature development as well as incentivization of the Tetrix Network.

These models are an ongoing research effort and anyone is encouraged to explore, critique, and review the work.

Join the public channel & learn more about the research